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Global power shifts - conference report now published

Published: Tuesday, 18th December 2012

The Director's report following the recent Ditchley conference: "Global power shifts: what do the new players want?" is now published.

The discussions were wide-ranging and relied on the experienced chair, The Right Honourable Jean
Chr├ętien, to keep them in check. Though there was a degree of pessimism about the current system of global governance, if it can be called that, those round the table thought that the world would still come together when it had to, though some issues, such as the nuclear proliferation threat or climate change, really needed a more urgent approach. In any case, the new players did not seem to want to change things radically for now. Meanwhile the G20 came the closest to marrying legitimacy and effectiveness, and would need to be built on in the future.

For the full report click here.