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The conference report from A two-tier Europe and its consequences is now published

Published: Friday, 19th October 2012

The Director's summary report following the most recent Ditchley conference, "A two-tier Europe and its consequences", has been published.  Whilst those who had gathered for this conference all recognised the gravity of the continuing crisis within the eurozone, there was also a general feeling that it would survive.   However, most thought that its membership was not a cohesive group with similar interests and views, and eurozone members were not therefore likely to act as a caucus on lots of issues across the board.  There was correspondingly less reason to fear the emergence of a rigid two-tier division.   Others were less sure about how the dynamics might work in practice and in any case there was a feeling that the UK might finish up in a tier of her own.

Please follow the link for the full report: Two-tier Europe.