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Latest conference report published: The future of hydrocarbons

Published: Tuesday, 15th November 2011

The Foundations's Director, Sir John Holmes, has published his summary of the recent Ditchley Conference, titled “The future of hydrocarbons as a global energy source”, held under the auspices of Canadian Ditchley at Kananaskis, Alberta on 21 - 23 October 2011. 

Assembled for the conference were a diverse gathering of experts and policy makers with widely differing standpoints on the issues to be discussed who yet encountered a surprising degree of common ground. Inevitably, as much time was spent on the environmental issues, and the impact of energy choices and broader energy policies on climate change, as on hydrocarbons themselves.  Reconciling the ever increasing demand for energy and continuing reliance on fossil fuels, with the need to move to a safe, clean and secure energy model remains the big challenge. 

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