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The digital economy: power and accountability in the private sector

Published: Friday, 8th January 2016

The Director’s Note following the last Ditchley conference of 2015, “The digital economy: power and accountability in the private sector”, is now available online.

This was a fascinating discussion which, in the best Ditchley tradition, embraced broad philosophical issues as well as more practical discussions. The rapid pace of technological change and the sheer complexity of what we face mean that governments and regulators are left playing catch up with those operating in this area, both legitimate and otherwise, and that consumers face risks about which they can do relatively little. The danger this presented was recognised, but also the opportunity to do better, and it was agreed that all concerned needed to work harder, and quickly, to establish more effective rules and principles to govern activities across the data sector.

With such a challenging topic it was not possible to cover all aspects or resolve all questions in the time available, but some practical recommendations did emerge from the discussion which are included in the Note now published.

To read the full report click here.