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Free trade and investment: why are we losing the arguments?

Published: Tuesday, 5th January 2016

The report following the last conference of 2015, “Free trade and investment why are we losing the arguments?”, is now available online.

The discussion ranged widely from technical debate about the future of the WTO and the bewildering variety of bilateral, regional, mega-regional, plurilateral and sectoral agreements already negotiated or about to be, to the broad politics of how the ideas of freer trade and investment can be best explained and justified to an increasingly sceptical public. While there was much concern over the moribund Doha process, there was no shortage of valuable suggestions on how the WTO could be reinvigorated, despite the political complexities, or on how we could best deal with anxieties within advanced economies about economic stagnation, lack of jobs, inequality, lack of leadership, environmental worries and so on.

To read the full report click here.