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On the shores of the Pacific

Published: Wednesday, 21st October 2015

For the first conference of the new season, Ditchley travelled to Vancouver for a discussion on the subject "The Asia-Pacific: an agenda for new challenges”.

We were grateful to the Canadian Ditchley Foundation and the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada for their support in hosting this event, and grateful too to our Co-Chairs, the Governor General and Clerk of the Privy Council.  The large group with divergent views on many of the issues ensured an interesting and wide-ranging discussion, not altogether easy to sum up neatly.

It was acknowledged early on that it would be unwise to offer generalisations about such a vast and diverse region, and participants also tried, not always successfully, to avoid focussing too closely on China.  One broad question to which discussion kept returning was whether the economy of the region could continue at the same fast pace of growth and what might be the consequences if it didn’t.  A related question was how global institutions should reflect this rebalancing of power.  The evidence so far suggested that reform was not going as far or as fast as governments from the large emerging economies would like. Meanwhile the security challenges remained considerable, and it was unclear to those round the table how far the region could manage these successfully over time.

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