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Introducing the Ditchley Blog

Published: Friday, 31st August 2012

The Director of the Ditchley Foundation has traditionally remained a figure behind the scenes, recording and participating in conferences without attempting to have an ‘official’ independent policy voice. I believe that remains the right approach. However, Directors have occasionally expressed themselves in other ways, whether through speeches, articles or press interviews, which reflect their particular experience and interests. This has been seen as good for Ditchley, as a way of keeping the Foundation’s name on the public radar. I have continued this practice, and added to it by sporadically tweeting.

The launch of a revamped website with a blogging facility opens up new possibilities for the Director to express views about subjects of current interest, particularly in the field of international affairs, and to relate contemporary issues to past and future conferences. I aim to make use of this on a regular basis and deal with topics of relevance to Ditchley and its broad aims. There is also the possibility for readers to comment on these blogs if they wish, with comments moderated in the usual way.

Sir John Holmes GCVO, KBE, CM
The Ditchley Foundation